Introducing the Mpower Ab Challenge!


Hi everyone, we are back! After finishing the Booty Challenge, our booties were on fire, but we felt a bit empty so we realised it’s time to get planning for something new. Earlier we followed the Sportyfeel Booty Challenge brought to us by the Finnish fitness champions Else Lautala and Eveliina Tistelgren. We tracked our journey with the help of Mpower and continued two more weeks with the exercises that the gadget helped us to pinpoint as the most effective.

This time we and our trained butts are back in business and we are creating our very own Mpower Ab Challenge! We’re hoping for you to join us for the next 5 weeks for some core training or at least to follow the journey!


Who are the Ab Trainers?

To refresh everyone’s memory, we are three Finnish ladies from the Mpower Team. Here is a brief intro:

Minna Wahlberg is the active and lively CMO at Mpower. She has a background in working for Nokia and Polar and absolutely loves training. She is rocking a healthy lifestyle and is passionate about various kinds of sports including running, cycling, swimming as well as training at the gym.

Mia Hautala is the competitive, yet always sunny test engineer at Mpower. She has a long background in baseball and is enthusiastic about taking on new challenges. Mia achieved amazing results from the Booty Challenge, so we can’t wait for this one!

Isabella Lampela is the bubbly Marketing Intern at Mpower. She’s weak for cheesy fitspiration quotes and absolutely loves fitness classes. She will be joining the other ladies from the rainy Scotland where she studies during the Ab Challenge.


We all share the same mission with the majority of ladies around the world – to look and feel good about ourselves! We also want to show how you can utilise Mpower in your training to track the effectiveness of your exercises to optimise training.


So what’s the deal?

Like said, last time we followed the Sportyfeel Booty Challenge, but this time we are creating our very own Abs Challenge! We will be training our cores for the next five weeks with the program we created together by combining the most effective core exercises we know. We are training the core six times a week focusing three days (Mon, Wed, Sat) on abs and three (Tue, Thu, Sun) on obliques. We will be tracking our workouts with Mpower to see how things go – what are the most effective exercises and if there is progress during the five weeks.

So we ask for you to join us for the next five weeks – join the challenge, try the exercises or just follow our journey! To join us, follow our instagram at @MpowerBeStrong



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