Mpower BootyChallenge – The WRAPUP & Top 5 most efficient booty exercises


Mpower BootyChallenge lasted for 6 weeks (42 days). The first 30 days we followed the program created by 5x Fitness World Champion Else Lautala and IFBB Women’s Fitness Athlete Eveliina Tistelgren for Sportyfeel. The program introduced a new exercise every day. Minna and Mia measured the muscle activation of Glutes Max with Mpower Muscle Activation Monitor and Isabella went through the program based on her own feeling. After the 30 days we continued the program by 12 days with selected exercises: Minna and Mia selected those exercises that Mpower showed to be the best by muscle activation and Isabella by what felt the most effective.


Two generations of women, one sports enthusiast – Mia – playing baseball in a team and two fitness enthusiasts – Isabella and Minna – who exercise to look and feel good.


The three Booty ladies had common goals and targets for the challenge. They all wanted to improve their athletic performance, help to fix with their back pain and last but not least to get their booties in shape!

The old saying ”What you measure is what you get” holds true

Of all the three ladies Mia is the one who got best results from the BootyChallenge. Mia has improved not only her athletic performance but has been able to transform her body tremendously by losing several centimeters around her waist, pelvis and thighs! Minna also has experienced huge improvement in her cycling performance and her booty and thighs are beautifully toned. Isabella’s results are not so encouraging as she didn’t have the help of Mpower muscle activation measurement.

Most effective Booty exercises measured by Mpower

Our muscles are unique and thus they respond to the exercises individually. It means that some exercises may produce more activation to others eg according to measurements Plie jump produced huge activation for Mia and was in top 3 exercises but for Minna it was top 14. This is something that you cannot know by watching and feeling, you need to measure it to know it for real.

We combined Mia’s and Minna’s most effective exercises – top 5 most efficient exercises:

  1. Bunny jump (Day2)
  2. Hip thrust to the side (Day 18)
  3. Frog Jump (Day 22)
  4. Skater jump (Day 27)
  5. Apple butt (Day 28)

What did we learn?

  1. Booty training is very efficient workout as it burns a lot of calories while it also activates other important muscle groups like quads and hamstrings effectively.
  2. If you haven’t done a lot of booty training before start the training moderately and increase repetitions, load and the amount of workouts along the way. Don’t be too ambitious to do booty training every day – instead alternate the muscle groups you train to maximize your results. This allows your muscles to properly recover from each training and therefore respond better to the next workout. Also try adding booty strength training on days when you’re not scheduled for a long run or cycle.
  3. Remember stretching and maintenance exercises pre- and post-workout to improve your recovery.
  4. For actual Booty building i.e. building your booty into a specific shape you need to activate your fast muscle fibers and these exercises done by your body’s own weight did not succeed well in doing that. You might want to add dumbbells, barbells or kettlebells into the exercises like squats to get more fast muscle activation out of them.

 The first 30 days vs the rest of the Challenge

 The selected exercises were proven to be more effective than the mixture of all 30 as the muscle activation increased tremendously during the last 12 days. This gave the ladies extra motivation to continue even though the going got tougher!

Below the ladies reveal their personal results and feelings of the BootyChallenge:


The booty challenge was a great experience to challenge myself both physically and mentally. It was super nice to have a routine, especially going through a hectic time in my personal life when moving to Australia for my summer internship. Having a lot going on, however, made it difficult to stick to the routine so I do admit missing out on workout days that I wish I would have completed. The sore booty still tells me I’ve been doing something right 😉 I definitely feel like I had a different experience compared to Minna and Mia due to not using Mpower for my workouts. The ladies seemed to be very motivated by the fact that they were measuring their muscle activation and seeing exact data for their workouts. When sharing our experiences and results I did feel like I was missing out, because some of the exercises I felt to be effective were actually not the ones that gave the best activation. This definitely made me a bit jealous about the girls’ amazing progress haha!

Even though I didn’t lose a lot of centimeters when it comes to measurement, I feel more energetic and toned. I really want to keep doing the most effective exercises from the booty challenge 3-4 times a week as a part of my training routine. My personal goal for the challenge was to feel better about myself and I feel like I’ve accomplished that. I’m also proud of the small change in my booty’s tone and will definitely keep going with this in the future!

PS. I have a challenge for all the bootybuilders out there! The Ashy Bines booty challenge inspired me to start a personal butt raise hold challenge. It’s like a plank challenge, but with butt raise hold. Start with holding a butt raise for 1 minute and every day try to increase the time by 30 seconds. My personal record is 6 bootylicious minutes! My goal is to reach 10 minutes by the end of the summer, however I’m honestly not sure if it’s humanly possible!! Join me and message us your personal record! This is definitely not the end of booty training, it’s only the beginning😉


During these last weeks I felt I was still able to increase strength of my feet (glutes/legs). However, I think that including six routines to the workout instead of five, and doing only the most effective routines have done their job for now! At the moment my thighs and glutes are so done for the booty challenge at least for a while.😉 Last week of the challenge was very difficult for me, my life was very busy because of my duties, baseball games and other summer activities. I still think it was totally worth it! In total I have lost 4.5 cm from my waist, 8.5 cm from my pelvis and both of my thighs have gotten 1 cm tighter during the challenge even though I have gain 0.6 kg at the same time. I wonder could that be muscle..? 😀

Nevertheless, I am so glad that I have been able to slimmer my body and shape my booty as I wanted to. I feel awesome! Altogether I have improved my well-being since the booty challenge has totally allowed me to loosen up with my diet so that I have been able to eat every ice-cream that I have wanted to and enjoy other delicious summer meals and snack as well without worrying.

My other goals were to improve my velocity for baseball which I have been able to do as mentioned in our 30-day follow-up blogpost. I also wanted to fix my back problems and improve my working posture which have gotten better but still I need to work on them. My fourth reason was to show you all what Mpower is capable of, and I hope I have succeeded with that. I still think there is much to show, but the best way to get familiar with Mpower is to play with it which is now possible for all of you if you are interested.


I was so excited to continue the last 12 days with the exercises that was proven by Mpower to be the most effective by muscle activation. I could really see in real-time the improved activation levels during each exercise and in addition in progress view I could see also the activation levels increasing over time! This thing really worked and gave me motivation to keep going!

I’m going to be honest with you: I did not lose centimeters around my buttocks or legs, zero zip. But what I lost is even more important to me: cellulite and those nasty bumps around my butt and thighs! What I gained was improved muscle strength which helps me in my other sports like running, cycling and swimming. My average and max speed in cycling has improved during the Booty Challenge even though I don’t have as many kilometers cycled as previous years.

What a challenge – what’s next

Our bootys are now strong, powerful and toned. We are already planning on the next challenge. Any idea what it could be? Hint: another body part women are conscious of.



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