Maximize utilization of your hormonal cycle for booty training

There are countless ways to train your body, and it is hard to define what would be the best way to do it. In my opinion, there are as many correct ways to train as there are people; since we are all unique.

However, keep these rules in mind!

  1. Set your target

What are you trying to achieve? Is it to a) stay in shape or healthy, b) grow your muscles and strength, c) increase your endurance, and/or d) lose some weight. Different targets determine your training program.

  1. Training program is in line with your target

There are two different ways to produce energy for muscle work from nutrients when training. Aerobic training is produced with help of oxygen, and anaerobic is without oxygen. The workload of the exercise determines which energy supply mechanism is in use.

It is always good to do different types of exercises. Especially, when trying to stay in shape or lose some weight. To meet your target include and combine both kind of aerobic and anaerobic exercises in your training calendar.

For muscle growth, training is usually anaerobic, since muscle load is very heavy at a time, while the actual execution duration is quite short. Aerobic training is usually long-term training which increases your endurance, since the load remains low and stable, and the muscle’s need for oxygen doesn’t increase above the oxygen supply of body.

So short and heavy workouts for muscle growth, and long with less muscle load for endurance training. However, remember that in either training methods the quantity does not replace the quality.

  1. Do not forget maintenance and isolating training exercises from your workouts

In muscle training it is good to do both comprehensive basic exercises and special isolating shaping exercises as well as maintenance training to train both of your bigger and smaller muscles.

For example in booty training program that we follow routines 4. Squat and 7. Lunge are very common basic exercises for bigger muscles of gluteus and thighs, whereas all these variations of these basic routines are isolating shaping exercises also for smaller muscles as routine 23. Lunge and leg raise.

These exercises are a way to keep yourself in shape and decrease injuries and false techniques. Above that you can train and activate your tiniest muscles by finishing your exercise moves until to the final end with follow-through so do not forget that! Also, do not forget the value and importance of the REST DAY.

  1. Understand your hormonal cycle to optimize your routines for your training target

It is physiological fact that testosterone level is highest at the morning. Okay, but why should we be interested in this fact? Well, testosterone increases protein synthesis, which increases muscle growth, and reduces fat tissue. In addition, testosterone affects to mood and gives energy boost for the day. Meaning that during the morning hours your muscles are most receptive. However, workout may seem heavier in the morning than doing the same workout in the afternoon. This is because of your body haven’t totally woken up yet.

Conclusion, if your target is a) to stay in shape, it really doesn’t matter when you train, go with the flow! But if your target is b) to grow your muscles and strength, morning workout could suit for you. When target is c) to increase your endurance, afternoon workouts might be better since your body is awake and can be well utilized. For the fat burners, target d) to lose some weight, morning workouts could be your CHOICE!

Besides, morning workouts will boost your day and free some afternoon time for your family and friends.

Ladies, notify also this universal fact that your hormonal activities are linked to the menstrual cycle!

It has been found that during pre-ovulation and after ovulation weeks (2-3) of the cycle – when estrogen level is high and testosterone level has increased – woman’s performance increases. So it would be wise to train harder during these weeks and utilize this “extra” energy for your purposes.

Anyway it is always good to train in different cycles and phases, so that the body does not get used to same stimuluses’ but it is all the time challenged to be able to adapt and respond to the change.


These rules work for all!



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