Reasons to care about your booty other than your looks!

Glutes are very important to us not just as visually but also physically and so we have many names for them: glutes, buttocks, booty, bottom, just to name a few 😉 .

The strength and fitness of your glutes, is in relation to the overall strength and performance of your body. The glutes are positioned in the middle of the body and thus they impact through several muscles both to upper and lower body movements. In addition the glutes impact to the control and position of the middle body and hip. The glutes powers almost all your movements, as it connects to your core, quads and hamstrings, and your iliotibial band (IT band) runs along the side of your legs to connect your glutes to your knees.

The glutes consist of three different muscles which are gluteus maximus (glutes max), gluteus medius (glutes med) and gluteus minimus. The glutes max is the strongest muscle in the body and covers a large part of the buttock. It causes the leg to straighten at the hip when a person walks, runs or climbs. It is also used to raise the body from a sitting position. The glutes med is partly covered by the glutes max. It functions to move the thigh out and rotate it medially. The glutes minimus muscle lies beneath the glutes med and is its companion in attachments and functions.

Mpower can measure both glutes max and med muscles as they are both superficial muscles but not minimus which is beneath the glutes med muscle.
Sitting makes our glutes weak and inactive, and so many of our jobs require us to spend so much time sitting. When our glutes get inactive and stop working as efficiently, effectively and strongly as they should, our hip flexors (the muscles that pull the thigh forward) get tight and can lead to injury.

When you build a stronger booty, here are a few of the benefits you can expect.

1. Injury prevention

Developing strong glutes is not only essential for optimal performance, but also can decrease your risk for injury in the knees, lower back, hamstrings and groin. Weak glutes are less likely to activate when needed in different sports and you are relying then on other smaller muscles to do their work. This puts extra pressure and overload on those smaller muscles and joints. Weak glutes can cause an imbalance in the hip, which may lead to excessive medial rotation of the femur and lateral tracking of the patella, thus potentially causing knee pain. Strengthening your glutes decreases your risk for back injuries in exercises such as the deadlift and squat by taking some of the pressure off your lower back. Furthermore, weak glutes may also contribute to pulled muscles in your hamstring or groin.

2. Athletic performance

Strong glutes are essential in almost every sport. They are responsible for accelerating, decelerating, changing directions and creating explosive power in jumps in other words stronger glutes will improve your speed, agility and jumping skill and quick side-to-side movements will also become much easier. This is because the glutes form the base musculature of the legs, and allow for big athletic performances. Every time you take a step, your glute max shores up your pelvis and SI joint for stability. When you run, this is even more important, since the force of impact increases exponentially on each foot strike.

3. Ease back pain

Weak glutes with tight hip flexors are the cause of the lower back pain. Our glutes work to stabilize the pelvis and keep integrity of movement in the hip joint. When they’re strong, your lower back doesn’t bear the brunt of your motion.

All of the benefits above are the key motivators for the Mpower ladies to participate into this Booty Challenge. However we would be kidding also ourselves if we would not admit the importance of the improved physical appearance as one of a very big motivator. Lean legs and strong, powerful glutes will make a strong woman to stand out 😉 In addition building a strong booty will help fit into those favorite jeans and look awesome in them! It also feels very good after every workout done which will boost our energy and mood and result in improved self-confidence and well-being.

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