Mpower goes Booty Challenge


In Finland we have lot of internationally successful fitness athletes like Else Lautala ( and Eveliina Tistelgren ( Else has won the Fitness World Championships three times and has competed in International fitness competitions over fifty times. Eveliina’s competes in IFBB Women’s Fitness. Her blog was chosen as Best Sport blog in 2015 in Finland. Her next competition is Finnish Championship in October. These two women have created a 30 day bootychallenge for sportyfeel which we will use as our Mpower booty challenge program in coming weeks.

The challenge starts on Monday the 6th June and lasts for 6 weeks. After first 30 days we will review the most efficient exercises and continue for another 2 weeks. We will update each workout in Instagram (mpower.bestrong) and Facebook (Mpower goes Booty Challenge) every day and write a weekly post about the progress.

Here is short introduction to Mpower ladies taking up on this challege and the motivations we have for it.

Minna Wahlberg

I work as CMO at Fibrux. I started to gain weight during the busy years of working at Nokia. I worked too much and didn’t take care of myself. In addition to weightgain I also started to suffer severe back ache. I realized I needed to do something to get healthy and back track again and I realized I need help. That’s when I got my first contact with the mobile personal trainer, the combo of Polar FT60 training computer and Nokia X6 smartphone with the SportsTracker application, which helped me to get fit again and lose weight (33lb).

Ever since I have used some sort of digital personal trainer and got acquainted with many in the market from devices to pure applications. I find them very helpful. They make me see the real effort Im doing and give me motivation. Three years ago I got into strenght training and got my first online strength training program by Fitfarm. It was called SuperDiet and it was a program for 6 weeks including not only dietary instructions but also strength training program. It helped me loose weight 2 kgs and I got one size smaller but also what was recognizable that my back pain got easier. Ever since I have been doing strength training regularly.

Like most of the women for me also the external look impacts greatly on my internal feeling, my self confidence. So of course all the sports I do from running, cycling, swimming, fitness boxing, kettle bell workouts I also get to keep my figure in some sort of shape. In my age that is something that gets harder to keep 😉. And my bud is my weekest point. I find it very difficult to find the kind of pants that fit me perfectly. I have prolonged buying new pair of jeans forever. But now I have found new spirit and motivation. I’m going to try this 30 day bootychallenge with couple of brave and inspiring Mpower ladies and we want to make sure that we are doing the workout as efficiently as possible so we are going to use Mpower to help us. We will measure every booty workout with Mpower and it helps us see that we are doing the exercises efficiently but also help us follow the progress of our training. We cant fool ourselves when using Mpower. We can see it immeadiatly if we are trying to slack or if the program doesn’t work.

Mia Hautala

I’m just about to tell you who I am and how did I get involved to this booty challenge. I am 25-years-old woman from Oulu and I have been working for Fibrux as a test engineer from February 2016.

On May I got this call from Minna who challenged me to participate to this booty challenge. I volunteered immediately since a booty train has been on my TODO-list a way too long! And of course I am a bit competitive person so I could have not refused from this opportunity to beat myself and hopefully beat the others as well. However, Minna mentioned that this is not a competition. We are a team. A team which supports each other as I see it as well. Nevertheless, during my baseball years (which I still play non-professionally) I have learned that best results are achieved when competing not only with yourself, but also with your teammates and fellow players because in these circumstances you challenge yourself, reset the limits, and are able to receive even more than you have thought being capable of. For these reasons I think this is great opportunity for me to get properly motivated to focus on my booty since the peer pressure to succeed in this project encourages me to improve my gluteal muscles even more. I hope, I can do the same for others.

So why am I interested in to train my booty? I have four reasons. One is to improve my velocity for baseball and for that I need to strengthen my leg muscles especially thighs and booty. Second reason is that this could help me to fix my back problems which 8-hour office work causes and help me to improve my working posture. Third reason is to just shape my booty to look slightly better and to improve my well-being. When you feel that you look great, you look great and hopefully you can influence others with your positive energy. Also, when you have more energy life seems even more interesting than it seems now. My fourth reason is to show you all how capable Mpower is, how I see it, and how it can be utilized in training whether it is professional or unprofessional. There is a reason why I want to be a part of this team, why I want to get Mpowered.

So as you have realized, I am very excited about this booty challenge. I have nothing to lose, only things to be achieved. I hope that my baseball background and our team spirit will help me to stay focus and truly commit to this challenge and be in shape in the end of summer. Wish me luck!


Isabella Lampela

Hi everyone! I’m a student, a Marketing Intern for Mpower and a little miss sunshine when in a good mood. I’ll be working the booty with Minna and Mia by combining the Booty Challenges from Sportyfeel and Ashy Bines. Therefore, I’ll be forever wishing for double as good results…. However, we’ll stay realistic and see what happens! I’ve always been interested in fitness and I usually train around 5-6 times a week. However, my usual routines focus mainly on various fitness classes accompanied with some not-so-hardcore strength training at the gym. I’m excited to use Mpower in the challenge in order to see if it helps me to better understand how to perform the various exercises and better target those booty muscles!

I wanted to start the Mpower Booty Camp with Minna and Mia because I feel like having company to share goals will motivate me better. Plus who wouldn’t want to build their booty anyways? I’ve started the Ashy Bines booty challenge various times, however I always run out of interest and motivation half-way through. So this time I’m hoping that making the commitment together will make this experience more exciting!



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