Strong is Speed


Since this sport requires explosive strength, it’s important to practice explosive strength.”

Finnish baseball is one of the sports, which requires a lot of diversity like agile speed, strength and swing speed. In fact, the diversity of the sport is one of the reasons Teemu Isoketo has been playing it since he was a junior.

Teemu is a 28-year-old top-notch baseball player, who plays middle line and runner for baseball team Vimpelin Veto, National Finnish baseball silver medalist 2015. Last summer Teemu was elected the best player in the annual East vs. West game. A good baseball player is a fast runner. This entails excellent physical condition, speed, and explosive strength.

This is the training season, which is the time to build up basic condition to make sure it’s rock solid during the game season. This means long-distance running, interval exercises, and circuit training. Occasionally we also do some explosive weight-training exercises to keep the levels up,” Teemu says.

Strength and muscle fitness are vital for baseball players. They do a variety of power training exercises, because this sport combines all the qualities of strength. The must-have qualities include endurance, explosiveness and power.

Since this sport requires explosive strength, it’s important to practice explosive strength,” says Teemu.

To develop explosive power one needs fast muscle fibers. However, they are more difficult to activate than slow fibers, which means that it is important to know if you are activating your muscles right. With Mpower, athletes are able to see for themselves in real-time whether they are activating their slow or fast muscle fibers and adjust their training accordingly.

”From time to time we also test whether any muscles are under-trained. Baseball players do repeated lopsided movements, which may result in the whole body becoming lopsided. Mpower helps us to see if we’re activating the right muscles, for example, how muscle pairs and corresponding muscle pairs activate in both legs during exercise,” Teemu says.

Teemu believes Mpower has a lot to offer for athletes needing all round muscle power. It enables them to verify that they are activating the right muscles in the right way, and to adjust their training accordingly.



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