Strong is Youth


Your whole body will start to weaken if you don’t maintain your muscle tone.”

Muscle training is not just about building your muscles. Muscle tone is vital for your overall health too, as numerous studies have shown. An increasing number of people are doing gym training to gain health benefits. One of them is Aimo Riipi.

Aimo is a 68-year-old retired man for whom doing sports is a way of life. His main sport has always been cross-country skiing, and it still is. When he was young he used to do a lot of other sports as well. Nowadays he also goes swimming and water running, and does gym training on a regular basis. When he got retired he took up golf, which also keeps him active.

Aimo understands the importance of muscle training. Aimo’s workout program includes a couple of gym sessions per week, and some muscle training workouts at home.

“I have always paid attention to my muscle tone. Muscle tone is necessary for your health. It plays an important part in your energy level and general condition, even your metabolism. I think all the muscles should be trained,” Aimo says.

The importance of muscle training was further magnified after Aimo suffered a stroke a couple of years ago, which left his muscles stiff. Thanks to gym training and the increased muscle strength, he regained his functional ability.

Muscle training is important in so many ways. Thereby muscles will of course gain strength, which will result in solid functional ability. Your whole body will start to weaken if you don’t maintain your muscle tone,” Aimo says.

He reckons the Mpower product is useful for a recreational exerciser, too. More than anything, he is interested in seeing if he is training properly or not, and if his muscles are getting stronger. Information like this would certainly help many seniors to keep up their muscle tone.



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